Editorial: Good bye exams, hello eportfolio

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Orna Farrell
Karen Buckley
Lisa Donaldson
Tom Farrelly


The aim of this special issue of the Irish Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning is to explore eportfolio in Ireland and further afield. An eportfolio can be a tool or technology, a practice, a pedagogical model, an assessment method and a framework for learning (Chen & Black, 2010).  There is growing interest in Ireland in the affordances of eportfolio and their potential to positively impact student learning and achievement. However, there was a dearth of empirical research on eportfolio practice in the context of the Irish educational system. This special issue on eportfolio aims to fill this gap in the literature, and enable us to better appreciate eportfolio practice and ground this in research.

Women scholars have been disproportionately affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, in this special issue, the editorial team acknowledged and identified actions we could take to help to mitigate such effects on women scholars. These supports paid off; 83% of the authors in this issue are women.

Creating a special issue of a journal takes community and hard work. The editors thank the IJTEL team, and the authors for their support and perseverance during a challenging time. Through this special issue of eportfolio, we are proud to add to the scholarship on eportfolio and to support women scholars during the Covid-19 pandemic.


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Farrell, O., Buckley, K., Donaldson, L., & Farrelly, T. (2021). Editorial: Good bye exams, hello eportfolio. Irish Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning, 6(1), 1–6. https://doi.org/10.22554/ijtel.v6i1.101