Adoption of e-portfolios for Registered Nurses & Midwives Professional Registration and Revalidation in Ireland An Opinion Paper

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Tracey Harrington
Sandra O'Neill


In many countries, such as Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom (UK), and the United States of America, Nursing and Midwifery Professional Bodies undergo a revalidation process demonstrating evidence of continuing professional development (CPD) and clinical practice hours in order to remain an active member on the professional register. In most countries this process involves documenting evidence in paper format. However, in the UK, our closest neighbour, eportfolio submission is now offered as an option for revalidation. Ireland is imminently moving towards introducing documented evidence as a requirement for continued registration as currently, there are no requirements to demonstrate evidence of continuing professional development or clinical practice as part of the annual re-registration process. While there are plans to address this in the near future, there are no details regarding the revalidation requirements or process. Irish undergraduate and postgraduate nursing and midwifery students are beginning to use eportfolios for assessment purposes and are increasingly familiar with the online eportfolio platforms. In this paper, we provide a rationale for the Irish Nursing and Midwifery Board (NMBI) to adopt eportfolios for the submission of documentary evidence for both initial registration and revalidation. We will examine the advantages and the barriers to the introduction of eportfolios in this context. The use of eportfolios would provide the NMBI an opportunity to lead the way in registration and revalidation processes internationally, enabling nurses and midwives in Ireland to embrace the opportunities that the digital age presents.


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Harrington, T., & O’Neill, S. (2021). Adoption of e-portfolios for Registered Nurses & Midwives Professional Registration and Revalidation in Ireland: An Opinion Paper. Irish Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning, 6(1), 138–153.
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